Name:  Bulldozer
Location: Charleston/Wheeling, WV
Travel: Yes

Full Bio:

Hometown: The Wrecking Yard Of Detroit MI

Height: 6″2

Weight: 378

Nick Names: The one man Wrecking Crew, The force of the north, The man monster.

Signature moves: Wrecking Ball, Running Lariot, Fullnelson face buster.

Trained By: Nikita Allanov, Jake Garrett, Blue Dragon

Seminars: Axl Rotten

Promotions Worked For: Black Diamond Wrestling, NWA East, UCW, IWA East Coast, UWA Huntington, WVWA, RWA,OWO, Dynamic Championship Wrestling, AWA MWA, Mason Dixon Wrestling, CWE, RPW, XWE WV, CWI, HBW, Covey Pro, Big Time Wrestling, KSWA, Tristate wrestling Alliance.SWA

Championships Won: UCW Tag Team Partner unknown, SWA International Champion, Black Diamond Wrestling Tag Team/ With chris maverick, UCW Heavyweight Championship.

Bio: Known as the one man wrecking crew on the Indy Scene, Bulldozer has made a name for himself as being one of the toughest men in professional wrestling, Coming up from a shady Beginning in the wrestling world Bulldozer Seeked training from Nikita Allanov. Learning how to wrestle Bulldozer decided to wear a mask to get away from his past and have a fresh start. Ever since making his debut in 2007. Bulldozer has been in the ring with legends with the likes of Lord Zoltan. And going toe to toe in street fights with ECW Original AXL Rotten. Winning Tag Team and Singles Gold Along The Way, Bulldozer has wrestled in Various states. Putting Fear In his opponents eyes When stepping in the ring, Recently Bulldozer Made History by being in the first ever Thumbtack match in Black Diamond Wrestling history. Even Though he did not come out the winner Bulldozer made a statement the he is definally one of the toughest wrestlers on the Indy Scene. Bulldozer is known for his agility and power in the ring to keep putting up victorys in the record book. wether if its beating up Cops, Women, Pushing paraplegics out of Wheelchairs, or getting chased by Leather Face and Jason, Bulldozer Continues to be the most hated wrestler in Indy Wrestling Today.

Contact Information

E-Mail: bulldozer6607@yahoo.com
Phone: 304-534-2557
Web Site: http://www.myspace.com/bulldozer6607


  1. I’ve seen Bulldozer in person b4 he is talented.

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