George Michael Phillips

Name: George Michael Phillips
Location: Cleveland, OH
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: George Michael Phillips has been announcing in the squared circle and in the cage for over 10 years and brings energy, passion and professionalism each time he steps into the ring or the cage. Outside from ring announcing, George has also co-hosted a boxing television show “In This Corner”, and has done various other radio and television work. George’s unique style and energy has allowed him to branch out into other avenues of sports and entertainment.

Hall of Fame Boxing and Promotions had this to say about George for their upcoming show….
Introducing the main event and the undercards will be popular ring announcer George Phillips, who always brings high-octane energy and excitement to any boxing match. Phillips is a veteran announcer on the local and national scene for both championship-style boxing events and mixed martial arts matches. Fans who come to The Chapparell on May 1 won’t want to miss George’s unique style of ring announcing and the way he interacts with the audience.

George continues to earn the respect of each promoter that uses George for their shows:

“My name is Dave Bowers of Bowers’ Productions Boxing in association with World Wide Boxing. I just want to extend my thanks to George Phillips for doing such a wonderful job at my last event as my ring announcer in Niles, Ohio October 17th when Billy Lyell defended his NABA Jr. Middleweight title. We had never met as George was referred to me. So as you can imagine, with all the other worries a promoter/matchmaker goes through before his or her event, the last thing you want to worry about is if your ring announcer is going to be clear speaking, dressed to the part, and all sponsor along with all fighter info is collected and delivered in a proper manner. Well just let me say when George first approached me at my show to introduce himself, all worries were alleviated. Wearing a tux nicer than mine accompanied with a million dollar smile, all Mr. Phillips asked me for was a bout sheet and a program. He took the bull by the horns and I knew I had one less worry that night. The show went off without a hitch, with the help and assistance of George Phillips. It was a night of knock outs and full out brawls and surprisingly I had more compliments on my ring announcer than I did the fights! Therefore, any promoter looking for a reliable ring announcer for their next event, I will now refer George Phillips to anyone, as he is professionalism at its finest.” – Dave Bowers, World Wide Boxing

“I have worked with George on several Mixed Martial Events and he conducts himself with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. He was a late replacement for one of our first shows and I was blown away by his ability to adapt to the promoters needs. He truly is George “Mad on the Mic” Hael Phillips. “- Jordan Sherwood, ESPN Cleveland / UMMAXX

“George has been with me since day 1. He has worked for my with my MMA Promotion Explosive Fight Promotions and also a boxing promotion that I am affiliated with Terminator Promotions. George has developed into the premier ring announcer in the sport. I have been around boxing and MMA my entire life and have herd ring announcers on a local, national, and international level and I can honestly say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that George is the best announcer on the planet. George eases my mind each show, adapts to each situation flawlessly, and is a team player. I can not ever imagine promoting a show with out George being my announcer. He is the Brett Hart of announcing “The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be”. – Dannon Svab, Explosive Fight Promotions / Terminator Promotions

“I have known George for close to ten years. We have done television work together and I have heard him announce boxing and MMA matches on multiple occasions. George brings energy to the microphone and is a student of his craft. George does his homework before a fight which allows the promoter to focus on other aspects of the show and not have to worry about the announcer. As a promoter myself, I will use George for my shows.” – Antonio Castro, Warner Promotions

Announcing / Print Summary:

* CageStars Ring Announcer
* Rocktagon Entertainment Ring Announcer
* UMMAXX Ring Announcer
* Explosive Fight Promotions Ring Announcer
* 2004 United State Olympic Box Offs Ring Announcer
* World Wide Boxing Promotions Ring Announcer
* Warner Promotions Ring Announcer
* Hybrid Promotions Ring Announcer
* Cage Battles Ring Announcer
* Arnold Sports Festival Ring Announcer
* UEC Ring Announcer
* Nelson Boxing Ring Announcer
* ESPN2 Friday Night Fights (Prize Fight Promotions / Warner Promotions)
* ESPN2 Tuesday Night Fights
* KO Drugs Boxing Ring Announcer
* Hall of Fame Boxing Promotions Ring Announcer
* Kincaid / Goddard Promotions Ring Announcer
* Terminator Promotions Ring Announcer
* Gerald Evans Promotions Ring Announcer
* Cleveland All Pro Wrestling in ring interview personality (fill in interview personality)
* Endorsed by X-Fuel Energy
* Various promoter’s ring announcer for boxing and MMA on a regional and national level
* Co-Host of “In This Corner” Boxing Television Show on Sports Time Ohio
* Co-Host of Caged Madness Television Show
* Contributor to “Unsportsmans Like Conduct” radio show on 1490am WERE Cleveland, Ohio
* Voice over work for various organizations (i.e. radio spots, telephone systems, etc….)
* Radio ads for 100.1FM WNIR
* Contributor to “The Bob Franz Show” stump the panel segments on WTAM 1100am Cleveland, Ohio
* Sports writer for,, and

Contact Information:

Phone: (910) 538-4309 (agent)
Web Site: Official Site

“Strangler” Diego Corleone

Name: “Strangler” Diego Corleone
Location: Chicago, IL
Travel: Yes


Contact Information:

Phone: N/A
Web Site: Strangler YouTube

Adam Bueller

Adam BuellerName: Adam Bueller
Location: Laporte, IN
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: I have been a professional wrestler since 2004. I started out in the Dayton, Ohio area and was originally trained by Shark Boy. I have also participated in training sessions with Mike Quackenbush, Chris Hero, and Marty Jannetty. I work a mixture of many styles including Japanese strong style, Mexican lucha libre, and catch as catch can. I have had the opportunity to work with Matt “M-Dogg 20” Cross, New Japan star Karl Anderson, Jake and Dave Crist, Jimmy Jacobs, and Shark Boy.

Notable Promotions Worked:

Buckeye Pro Wrestling (OH)
Heartland Wrestling Association (OH)
Elite Pro Wrestling (IL)
IWA Mid-South (IL)
Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling (MI)
Northern Wrestling Federation (OH)
NWA Underground (IN)
Platinum Wrestling Worldwide (IN)
Price of Glory Wrestling (MI)
Victory Independent Pro Wrestling (MI)
Xtreme Limit Wrestling (IN)

Contact Information:

Phone: 219-393-8782
Web Site: Adam Bueller Facebook

Adam Montgomery

Adam MontgomeryName: Adam Montgomery
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Travel: Yes

Full Bio:

– Years Experience: 6

– Debut: December 3, 2005

– States Worked In: Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Arkansas

– Average Amount of Events Announced Per Year: 75-100

– Notable Promotions Worked For:

IWA East Coast (WV)

Deaf Wrestlefest (PA)

304 Wrestling (WV)


NWA Main Event (TN)

Remix Pro Wrestling (OH)




– A few notable names introduced: Terry Funk, Mick Foley, Jimmy Hart, Bruno Sammartino, J.J. Dillon, Paul Bearer, Missy Hyatt, The Honky Tonk Man, Raven, Tommy Rich, Jim Duggan, Stevie Richards

Notable Matches Introduced:

Jay Lethal (c) -vs- Stevie Richards (For the TNA X-Division Title)

Yuko Miyamoto (c) -vs- Mad Man Pondo with Special Referee Terry Funk (For the BJPW Death Match Title)

Oderus Urungus (lead singer of GWAR) -vs- Tracy Smothers (Loser Leaves Earth Match)

I have also done voice over work for New Experience Wrestling for their commercials that air in the Memphis, TN, and Little Rock, AR, markets and I have appeared on regional television in West Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Contact Information:

Phone: N/A
Web Site: N/A


Name: Adder
Location: Charleston, WV
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: I have only been on the indy circuit for a short time now (as of Jan. 2010) and am looking for more bookings. I have had training from both Eric Steel and also “Awesome” Allen Lynch. Currently I work with UWR(WV)and XMCW(WV) both of which can be found on the promotions section of this website, but I am really wanting to work for some more feds and establish my name.

Contact Information:

Phone: 304-553-8195
Web Site: Adder MySpace

Adorable Aaron

Name: “Adorable” Aaron
Location: Cross Lanes, WV
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: I was trained by Brian Logan in 2002 and have been in different feds since then managing many great wrestlers.

Contact Information:

Phone: N/A
Web Site: “Adorable” Aaron MySpace

Aida Marie

Aida MarieName: Aida Marie
Location: New York, NY
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: I have been a professional wrestler/valet since November 2009 but have always been a fan. I was originally trained in Brooklyn, NY as part of the WUW run by WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz. I have also trained at the ACE arena in Union City, NJ as well as BWO in Elmwood Park, NJ. I have participated in wrestling seminars with Dragongate USA and Savio Vega. I am open for bookings that require travel and am always willing to learn more and gain as much experience as possible.

Contact Information:

Phone: N/A
Web Site: N/A

Al Snow

Name: Al Snow
Location: Louisville, KY
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: I have been a pro Wrestler for 27 years. I am a former WWE and ECW Superstar for 13 years. I have also been the Host / Lead Trainer of MTV’s Tough Enough for 3 seasons.

Contact Information:

Phone: N/A
Web Site: N/A

Allen Lynch

Name: “Awesome” Allen Lynch
Location: Charleston, WV
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: I have been entertaining the great fans of Pro Wrestling now for 9 yrs now. I have worked for many great wrestling promotions in WV, OH, KY, PA, TN and MI.

Contact Information:

Phone: 304-542-8076
Web Site: Allen Lynch MySpace

Andre Adonisy

Andre AdonisyName: “The Fantasy” Andre Adonisy
Location: Raleigh, NC
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: “The Prettiest Most Attractive Manager of all time!”

After two years as a wrestler, neck injury and health issues led to Andre becoming a Manager, and you can’t forget, he’s too attractive to get hurt anyway…

He’s out to prove that today’s society is pathetic and has many problems, mainly due to media. He wants the glory and spotlight while leading classy superstars to accomplish great things and live for the finer things in life.

Height: 6ft
Weight: 195lbs
Home town: Rochester, NY, relocating to Raleigh, NC (Apex)
Gimmick hometown: Residing in Montreal, Quebec
Experience: 4 years (as of August 2011)

Trained by: NWA Upstate – Hellcat, Jimmy Olsen, Colin Delaney — Next Era Wrestling – Tyger Smith and Kriptic Keegan
Additional Training: Sylvain Grenier, Brodie Lee

Promotions worked: Next Era Wrestling, Old School Pro Wrestling, Maximum Force Wrestling, NWA NY, Wild World of Wrestling, GOUGE

World Wrestling Entertainment ( WWE ) – TV Extra Talent

10/25/09 Bragging Rights – Pittsburgh, PA
10/26/09 RAW – Buffalo, NY
10/27/09 SmackDown – Rochester, NY
5/10/10 RAW – Pittsburgh, PA
5/11/10 SmackDown – Buffalo,NY
12/27/10 RAW – Albany, NY
12/28/10 SmackDown – Rochester,NY

Contact Information:

Phone: 585-301-1661
Web Site: Facebook