“Strangler” Diego Corleone

Name: “Strangler” Diego Corleone
Location: Chicago, IL
Travel: Yes


Contact Information:

Phone: N/A
E-Mail: integritywrestling@gmail.com
Web Site: Strangler YouTube

Adam Bueller

Adam BuellerName: Adam Bueller
Location: Laporte, IN
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: I have been a professional wrestler since 2004. I started out in the Dayton, Ohio area and was originally trained by Shark Boy. I have also participated in training sessions with Mike Quackenbush, Chris Hero, and Marty Jannetty. I work a mixture of many styles including Japanese strong style, Mexican lucha libre, and catch as catch can. I have had the opportunity to work with Matt “M-Dogg 20” Cross, New Japan star Karl Anderson, Jake and Dave Crist, Jimmy Jacobs, and Shark Boy.

Notable Promotions Worked:

Buckeye Pro Wrestling (OH)
Heartland Wrestling Association (OH)
Elite Pro Wrestling (IL)
IWA Mid-South (IL)
Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling (MI)
Northern Wrestling Federation (OH)
NWA Underground (IN)
Platinum Wrestling Worldwide (IN)
Price of Glory Wrestling (MI)
Victory Independent Pro Wrestling (MI)
Xtreme Limit Wrestling (IN)

Contact Information:

Phone: 219-393-8782
E-Mail: adambueller@yahoo.com
Web Site: Adam Bueller Facebook


Name: Adder
Location: Charleston, WV
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: I have only been on the indy circuit for a short time now (as of Jan. 2010) and am looking for more bookings. I have had training from both Eric Steel and also “Awesome” Allen Lynch. Currently I work with UWR(WV)and XMCW(WV) both of which can be found on the promotions section of this website, but I am really wanting to work for some more feds and establish my name.

Contact Information:

Phone: 304-553-8195
E-mail: adder443@aim.com
Web Site: Adder MySpace

Aida Marie

Aida MarieName: Aida Marie
Location: New York, NY
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: I have been a professional wrestler/valet since November 2009 but have always been a fan. I was originally trained in Brooklyn, NY as part of the WUW run by WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz. I have also trained at the ACE arena in Union City, NJ as well as BWO in Elmwood Park, NJ. I have participated in wrestling seminars with Dragongate USA and Savio Vega. I am open for bookings that require travel and am always willing to learn more and gain as much experience as possible.

Contact Information:

Phone: N/A
E-Mail: officialaidav@gmail.com
Web Site: N/A

Al Snow

Name: Al Snow
Location: Louisville, KY
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: I have been a pro Wrestler for 27 years. I am a former WWE and ECW Superstar for 13 years. I have also been the Host / Lead Trainer of MTV’s Tough Enough for 3 seasons.

Contact Information:

Phone: N/A
E-mail: bookalsnow@yahoo.com
Web Site: N/A

Allen Lynch

Name: “Awesome” Allen Lynch
Location: Charleston, WV
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: I have been entertaining the great fans of Pro Wrestling now for 9 yrs now. I have worked for many great wrestling promotions in WV, OH, KY, PA, TN and MI.

Contact Information:

Phone: 304-542-8076
E-mail: misterxmcw@gmail.com
Web Site: Allen Lynch MySpace

Andre Adonisy

Andre AdonisyName: “The Fantasy” Andre Adonisy
Location: Raleigh, NC
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: “The Prettiest Most Attractive Manager of all time!”

After two years as a wrestler, neck injury and health issues led to Andre becoming a Manager, and you can’t forget, he’s too attractive to get hurt anyway…

He’s out to prove that today’s society is pathetic and has many problems, mainly due to media. He wants the glory and spotlight while leading classy superstars to accomplish great things and live for the finer things in life.

Height: 6ft
Weight: 195lbs
Home town: Rochester, NY, relocating to Raleigh, NC (Apex)
Gimmick hometown: Residing in Montreal, Quebec
Experience: 4 years (as of August 2011)

Trained by: NWA Upstate – Hellcat, Jimmy Olsen, Colin Delaney — Next Era Wrestling – Tyger Smith and Kriptic Keegan
Additional Training: Sylvain Grenier, Brodie Lee

Promotions worked: Next Era Wrestling, Old School Pro Wrestling, Maximum Force Wrestling, NWA NY, Wild World of Wrestling, GOUGE

World Wrestling Entertainment ( WWE ) – TV Extra Talent

10/25/09 Bragging Rights – Pittsburgh, PA
10/26/09 RAW – Buffalo, NY
10/27/09 SmackDown – Rochester, NY
5/10/10 RAW – Pittsburgh, PA
5/11/10 SmackDown – Buffalo,NY
12/27/10 RAW – Albany, NY
12/28/10 SmackDown – Rochester,NY

Contact Information:

Phone: 585-301-1661
E-Mail: laresistancequebec@yahoo.com
Web Site: Facebook


AngelName: “The Kingpin” Angel
Location: Kansas
Travel: Yes

Full Bio:

6′ 2”

255 lbs

Hailing from Fordham Road in the Bronx, NYC

Residing: Kansas

“The Kingpin” Angel started his first steps toward a pro wrestling career by being trained by WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz at the world famous Gleason’s Gym in New York. In 1999 Angel, then known as Spanish Angel, made his debut working under a hood in multiple NYC area independent shows getting his feet wet.

Paul Heyman, the booker for ECW, often found new talent at Gleason’s Gym, such as D-Von Dudley, and immediately saw something in Angel. Initially he brought Angel in first as a singles wrestler, before being teamed up with the vicious pro wrestling street gang known as The Baldies.

By being teamed up with this reckless group, Angel was finally allowed to be himself, and was rightly becoming recognized as the true King of the Streets. As members came and went, the street warrior from NYC rose in the ranks to becoming the recognized leader of the group.

The group was at it’s strongest when the cigar-chomping DeVito stepped up to be the mouth piece to Angel’s unbridled blood-lust and pure strength, as they tore through the tag ranks in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Even as ECW ended, the Baldies continued to terrorize wrestling events along the East coast, beating down everyone who dared step in front of them.

As the Baldies split, Angel went on to become a hardened World traveler. At a young age, the Kingpin had wrestled all over the globe, becoming a World Heavyweight Champion, and even winning the IWA Puerto Rico Hardcore Championship 7 times on the “Island of Blood.”

Today, Angel continues his street gang mentality-orientated reign of terror all across the United States, bringing the violent nature of his barrio, the infamous Fordham Road in the Bronx, to your front door in Everytown, USA. He has recently appeared on television on the Metro Pro Wrestling show in the greater Kansas City area.

Official Site: http://www.KingpinAngel.tk

Contact Us at Out Impact Productions If you would like further information on Out Impact Productions, or our clients, please call, write, or email us. If wanting to work with a specific client, please specify in contact e-mail. Thank you! Out Impact Productions.

Contact Information:

Phone: 910-538-4309 (Agent)
E-Mail: bambi.weavil@gmail.com (Agent)
Web Site: “The Kingpin” Angel Official Site

April Hunter

April HunterName: April Hunter
Location: Kentucky
Travel: Yes

Full Bio:

* Name: April Hunter
* Born: Philadelphia, PA
* Birthdate: September 24
* Hails from: KY
* Height: 5′10″
* Weight: 155 lbs.
* Measurements: 42DD

April Hunter is a professional wrestler, fitness athlete, and glamour model. April has appeared on mainstream wrestling organizations such as WCW, TNA, ROH as well as for independent wrestling promotions worldwide. April has competed in Ironman Tri Fitness, NPC Kentucky Muscle and NPC Junior Nationals and has appeared in publications such as MuscleMag International, and Flex Magazine. April has also modeled in Playboy Magazine, Maxim and Penthouse. April Hunter’s official website is http://www.AprilHunter.com where she offers exclusive members only access that you can’t find anywhere else! You can follow April on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/aprilhunter.

April is available for Pro Wrestling Engagements, Glamour Modeling, Fitness work and Print & Television/Film work.

Contact Information:

Phone: 347-746-2261 (Bambi Weavil, Agent)
E-Mail: bambi.weavil@outimpactproductions.com
Web Site: April Hunter Official Site (NSFW)


Name: Arson
Location: Martin, KY
Travel: Yes

Full Bio: Entered the Wrestling world December 9th 2008 in Bluegrass Championship Wrestling. Debuted as one half of the tag team Criminal Intent. Teaming with partner Duke Allstriker Criminal Intent quickly became one of the most devastating tag teams on the Indy circuit. To expand the unit they added a valet known as Summer Raynes. Under the direction of Raynes Criminal Intent turned on the fans and became known as Thugz-4-Hire. Arson’s finishing moves are the Blockbuster and The spinout reverse STO.

Contact Information:

Phone: 606-285-9620
E-mail: arsonistic@hotmail.com
Web Site: N/A
His biggest accomplishment is holding the BCW tag team championship.