1. Steven Anderson says:

    In the twelve years that I’ve been involved with professional wrestling, this is the first time I’ve heard a promoter being arrested for failure to pay its talent and it’s about damn time too! I remember when I’d worked for exposure trying to just get my name out there and gain some experience, but there are too many “promoters” who collect a dollar at the door without so much as paying the individuals who are solely responsible for there even being an event to host. I actually know a “promoter” who told me that and I quote, “Wrestlers are whores!” in the sense that we’re supposedly all about making the money. This came from a guy who supposedly spent seven years as a f*cking ring announcer for a company that his brother trained with, and that comment he made really pissed me off considering that he’d been riding the coat tail of his brother that actually went and trained to become a wrestler. They’re all about “exposure” even when it comes to the veteran talents, but when the promoter is booked in a match for another company he’s going on about how if that promoter will pay double for working extra. Seriously?! Are you f*cking kidding me?!? It’s one thing when you’ve got young talent looking to pay their dues and earn a spot within the company, but you ALWAYS take care of your talent because when you fail to remember that rule, don’t be shocked if they work some place else for the evening even if you were retarded enough to book them as a “champion” of any kind. Remember promoters, championship belts do not mean a f*cking thing! If you’re not able to pay your talent or just plain refuse and don’t feel like cutting them a piece of the pie, get the f*ck out of promoting right now! To my brothers and sisters in arms, it doesn’t matter who you are and where you’re at in this business, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO COLLECT A RETAINER and CONFIRM ALL BUSINESS MATTERS! Some of us have worked too hard and sacrificed so much to be able to live our dream to get screwed over by some sleaze bag piece of shit!

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